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Contact us – together we will more easily realize new business ideas. We have offices operating in Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia.


Together we dare to go higher

Our partners are our inspiration and we are always willing to share our energy, knowledge, and experience. If our chemistry is right, join us on the way up.


We discover the potential of new products

Our products are our number one priority. Ensuring their effectiveness, cost accessibility, safety, and innovation is our greatest motivation.


Quality at the highest level

We provide for the registration, distribution, and top-quality marketing of products. We grow together with the reliability of our services and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure quality services.

Our team

Broadening horizons

With our expertise, knowledge, and courage, we ensure the recognition and excellence of our brand in numerous countries. What sets us apart is a certain team spirit that enables us to go further.

About Altamedics

Striving for the peak

We have built our quality control system over many years of experience, thereby establishing our reputation as a reliable and recognizable distributor of pharmaceuticals in Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia. We tenaciously stay on our path, even in turbulent times.

We are Altamedics

With our feet firmly on the ground, in our thoughts we journey to the stars. Just like our website.